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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Columbia, MO

Work with our Columbia motorcycle accident attorneys to stay financially secure after your accident. Motorcycle accidents have a variety of factors that differentiate them from average auto accident cases, which makes it necessary to work with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney to find appropriate compensation. The lawyers from Eng & Woods understand how to approach motorcycle accident cases to maximize your chances of a positive result. We are litigators first and foremost — we bring a strong-willed attitude to the courtroom and do not rest until we find a result that is beneficial for you, while keeping you comfortable outside of the courtroom with our responsive, open nature.

Columbia motorcycle accident attorneys who help you recover from your injuries

There are a variety of unique challenges and issues that come with motorcycle accidents that any attorney must be prepared for. These include:

  • Finding the liable party. Many times, the driver responsible for the accident never even sees or feels it. Because of this, the liable driver and their vehicle often do not remain at the scene of the accident. Our Columbia personal injury attorneys will work with the police or a private investigator if it helps us find the responsible party.
  • Knowledge of motorcycle defects. Many motorcycle accidents come as a result of defective parts or vehicles. Certain types of motorcycles are more susceptible to these defects than others, so your attorney must have an in-depth knowledge of these defects and whether they could have caused your accident.
  • Motorcycle values. Attorneys must also be aware of the value of different motorcycles, as this has an impact on the amount of vehicle damage compensation that you are eligible to receive.

The first step of a motorcycle accident case is always to analyze the cause of the accident.

As your attorneys, we work to find the liable party in your accident, assess your damage and medical needs and obtain appropriate compensation based on this information.

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Call Eng & Woods today at 877-888-2345 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. We have free parking available at our office and can be reached by bus, but we also can travel to your home if you are unable to come to us. Additionally, you pay no legal fees until we obtain a positive result in your case. Let us fight for you in court to help give you a future that you can look forward to.

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