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Blowouts and Tires

Semi Truck Accident Attorneys: Tire Blowouts

Our Columbia semi truck accident attorneys are well-versed in tire regulations. Tires in poor condition can lead to dangerous situations on the road. If you believe that defective tires led to your accident, contact the attorneys of Eng & Woods. We understand that you are frustrated and angry after your injury, and we use a variety of effective, assertive courtroom strategies to allow you to enjoy the best possible outcome in your case.

A Columbia tire blowouts lawyer aids with issues of blowouts and tread separation

Tire blowouts occur more often than people realize. Michelin recently reported an estimated 500 deaths and 23,000 accidents every year as a result of tire blowouts. In some cases, these blowouts result from errors by the driver, such as ignoring punctures or low tire pressure, hitting curbs or using tires for far too long. But many times, these blowouts result from defects in the tire’s design, making the manufacturer responsible. Our semi truck accident attorneys work tirelessly to obtain compensation for you when you’re injured because of a tire manufacturing defect.

  • We look for tread separation. A common problem, tread separation occurs when the integrity of the tire is affected by sub-par materials or by improper bonding.  We ensure that tires are inspected for manufacturing defects.
  • We research similar cases. We perform due diligence into researching the history of the manufacturing company.  We investigate any claims made against the manufacturer, and analyze potential precedents for proving liability.
  • We fight for you in court. Our attorneys refuse to accept a settlement offer that isn’t in your best interest. If you’re the victim of a tire blowout injury, we fight tooth and nail for you in a court of law until you obtain the compensation you deserve.

With more than 100 years of collective experience, the injury lawyers of Eng & Woods are prepared to litigate zealously on your behalf. We believe in being prepared to handle whatever comes our way. We keep up-to-date with the latest legal trends and statutes regarding tire manufacturing and auto product recalls.

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