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Knowledgeable Attorneys Assisting with Truck Accidents in Missouri

Our truck accident attorneys in Columbia fight for you after your accident

Truck accidents are more complex than other motor vehicle accidents, due to the many regulations that truck drivers and their companies must follow. At Eng & Woods, Attorneys at Law, we have an in-depth knowledge of these ever-changing rules and regulations, which gives us an advantage in analyzing your case and crafting arguments to find success in court. Trust in our more than 100 combined years of legal experience and our authoritative approach to litigation to keep you at ease throughout your case and obtain the money you need to make a full, efficient recovery.

Lawyers who uncover cases of driver fatigue

Truck drivers have set limits to the number of hours they can spend on the road in a given day. When they ignore these hours, they run the risk of causing driver fatigue accidents. Let our Columbia personal injury attorneys find evidence of driver fatigue and obtain compensation for you after your accident.

Legal representation for victims of overweight accidents

Every truck on the road must meet certain guidelines for weight. Improperly loaded or overweight trucks pose significant dangers on the road, especially when they must come to sudden stops or turns. We hold negligent drivers accountable for these errors when you suffer from an overweight accident.

Columbia truck accident lawyers dealing with defective tire cases

When your tires blow out on the road or are defective in any way, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. We look for defects, poor tire design or construction and hold negligent manufacturers accountable for the conditions that caused the blowouts.

Attorneys assisting with defective roadways suits

In some cases, various hazards on the road can be responsible for truck accidents. Unmarked construction zones, poorly maintained roads and improper signage or lights all make it difficult for truck drivers to safely slow down and navigate through these hazards. We hold local governments accountable for defective roadways when they cause accidents.

Contact a Columbia truck accident attorney for immediate representation

Call Eng & Woods, Attorneys at Law today at 573.874.4190 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. We provide flexible office hours, and can come to you at your home if you are unable to travel to us. Additionally, we believe so strongly in providing you with top-notch representation that our services are free of charge until we find a successful result in your case.