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Driver Fatigue Accidents

Truck Accident Attorneys: Driver Fatigue Accidents

Our truck accident attorneys penalize trucking companies that disregard over-hours rules. One of the major causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue. At Eng & Woods, we represent victims of truck accidents caused by overly tired drivers. Our more than 100 years of combined legal experience give us an in-depth knowledge of trucking laws and over-hours rules that all trucking companies and truck drivers must follow. We have a passion for courtroom litigation, and utilize a variety of effective tactics to ensure that the liable party in your accident is held accountable.

Over-hours violations are a common occurrence in trucking

Many studies prove that lack of sleep has the same effects on driving as the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) imposes regulations on how many hours a commercial driver can be on the road, in order to limit potential accidents caused by driver fatigue. Truck drivers who fail to follow their hour limitations could experience slower reaction times and make more errors while driving due to poor judgment.

Our attorneys have the necessary experience and skills to file a successful lawsuit against a driver or their company for accidents caused by fatigue. We look into:

  • Falsified records. Drivers often falsify the records in their logbooks and keep driving so that they can return home to their families more quickly.
  • Payment by the hour/mile. Other drivers simply keep driving to maximize the amount of money they can make, as they often get paid based on the amount of miles or hours that they drive.
  • Companies encouraging violations. Companies also add incentives for drivers to break regulations, as they occasionally offer bonuses for early job completions or simply do not discipline drivers for violating the OSHA regulations.

As your truck accident attorneys, we pore over all the details of your accident to determine whether driver fatigue played a role in the accident. We review the driver’s logbook and contact the trucking company to find out whether there were any over-hours violations on the part of the driver. When we find evidence of these violations, we seek punitive damages from the trucking company, in addition to the financial compensation we seek for you for your injuries.

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